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Loose-Leaf Cascara

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We like to call cascara a "super sippable superfruit." It's delicious, nutritious, and sustainable: a true win-win-win. Whether you're looking for a low-caffeine coffee alternative, a tasty tea packed with antioxidants, or a new way to appreciate the coffee cherry in a different form, we hope you'll give cascara a try. 

When brewed, cascara has a slightly sweet and refreshingly tart flavor with notes of hibiscus, molasses, and dried fruit. And with less than a quarter of the caffeine content of coffee, it’s a perfect pick-me-up for any time of day. 

Purchase a box (or three!) of our specialty-grade loose leaf cascara to brew as a hot or iced tea, add to cocktails, or whatever your heart desires! 

  • 10oz box of dried, loose leaf cascara 
  • Vacuum-sealed in a biodegradable plastic bag 
  • Box includes our suggested brewing instructions for hot or iced cascara tea, additional recipes can be found here 
  • Not to be confused with Cascara Sagrada; loose-leaf cascara is the husk of the coffee cherry and does not have laxative properties ;)