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Cascara Simple Syrup

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Small batch brewed in Charleston, SC, Huskwell Cascara Simple Syrup brings a uniquely vibrant flavor that will have you trading in your traditional simple syrup for good. 

With a slightly tart and juicy undertone of dried fruit and a warm molasses-y sweetness, this is the ideal addition to any cocktail, beverage, or dessert recipe. The richness of flavor is equally matched by richness of color - a deep mahogany red that makes drinks as nice to look at as they are to drink. 

How to Use: Pairs well with most spirits; we especially like it to brighten up a daiquiri, old fashioned, or margarita. Add a dash to your sparkling water for hydration, but better. Drizzle on yogurt or ice cream for an added depth of flavor. Use it to glaze a cake or mix into frosting as a secret ingredient to impress your guests. 

  • Size: 8 fluid ounces 
  • Just Three Natural Ingredients: Cascara (coffee cherry husk), Cane Sugar, Water. Zero preservatives. 
  • Shelf Life: Your cascara simple syrup has a three year shelf life unopened. Refrigerate after opening. 
  • Recyclable Packaging: Recyclable glass bottle with leakproof and airtight BPA-free plastic lid.