Where to Find Huskwell

We've had the honor of collaborating with some of the region's best coffee shops, restaurants, and bars. By incorporating cascara onto their menus - whether on its own or as a beverage component - these forward-thinking establishments have demonstrated their commitment to using sustainable ingredients, supporting coffee farmers, and offering their customers a delicious way to discover this superfruit with super potential! 

Interested in adding Huskwell cascara to your menu? Give us a shout at hello@huskwell.com!

  • Basic Kitchen - Charleston, SC

    An award-winning health-forward restuarant offering iced cascara tea. basickitchen.com

  • Sightsee - Charleston, SC

    Food & Wine's Best Coffee Shop in SC, offering iced cascara tea. sightseeshop.com

  • Estadio - Charleston, SC

    Inventive Spanish restaurant offering a Huskwell cascara-infused negroni on their specialty cocktail menu. estadio-chs.com

  • Edmund's Oast

    Award-winning restaurant & bar offering a cascara mezcal cocktail in partnership with celebrated mixologist Bob Peters. edmundsoast.com

  • Junto Coffee - Taylor's, SC

    Another award-winner, this specialty cafe offered a seasonal cascara and elderflower tonic on their summer menu. junto.coffee

  • Rowan Coffee - Asheville, NC

    An impeccable specialty cafe in downtown Asheville that offered a seasonal cascara and cynar spritz on their summer menu. rowancoffee.com