About Us

 Huskwell Cascara Team Allyson Sutton Michael Mai Joel Sadler

Meet the team

Some people call themselves “foodies,” but we like to think of ourselves as “bevvies.” Simply put, we are beverage-obsessed. Between us, we’ve started a regionally-distributed bottled cascara soda, developed inventive cocktails for award-winning restaurants, owned and operated a local favorite specialty coffee shop, and served thousands of craft beverages from morning till night. 

And while this “bevvie” lifestyle got us interested in cascara many years ago, what keeps our proverbial cup running over is the excitement of what else cascara can be and do. Cascara cocktails? Cascara-infused skincare? Cascara snack foods? Whatever shape it takes, cascara is good for you, good for coffee farmers, and good for the planet: a true win-win-win. We’ll cheers to that.